Calculation Tools - Progress Report

Iron and Steel tool

The Iron and Steel tool has been road-tested by various iron and steel companies worldwide. Their feedback is currently being incorporated into the tool, and several stakeholder meetings with industry experts are being planned to resolve outstanding issues, such as how emissions sources that are not covered by IPCC guidance can be accounted for.

Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution

In partnership with the California Climate Action Registry, WRI finalized the draft of the Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution tool, after a thorough stakeholder review process. The tool is currently being touched up after the external review and is planned for release later this summer or in the fall depending on final approval from key stakeholders.

Financial Sector Carbon Accounting

The guidance document for financial institutions seeking to determine climate-change associated risks and opportunities in financial instruments is completed. WRI received extensive guidance from external reviewers on this document and is currently making final changes. The document should be ready for final publication at the end of the summer.

Corporate Balance Sheet Framework and Guidance Protocol

GHG Protocol has drafted a discussion paper that outlines some of the key policy and technical issues in credibly tracking GHG emissions and GHG reduction instruments, such as offsets and allowances, on a GHG balance sheet, to help organizations determine their net GHG impact. The paper will go through review processes in August and September.