GHG Protocol Asia Regional Training: How to Establish a National Program for Companies to Report GHG Emissions

The World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol will be holding an Asia Regional Training on how to establish and implement nation- or regional-level corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting programs and trainings. Members of the GHG Protocol Program will be presenting their experiences, sharing lessons learned, and providing training to workshop participants. There will be two portions of the workshop:

  • Monday, March 19 – Wednesday, March 21: Training and Certificates for Trainers of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard
  • Thursday, March 22 – Friday, March 23: Corporate GHG Program Design Course, "How to Establish a National Program for Companies to Report GHG Emissions"

Additional information on both workshops is available here.

Register for either or both sessions of the workshop with the form below. Please note that registration is reserved only for those who have received invitations to this event. Invitations are non-transferable. If you have received an invitation and are either unable to attend or would like to suggest the name of an additional invitee, please fill in the name, organization, country, position, and email of this individual in the "additional comments or questions" box below.

Please email questions to Stacy Kotorac (

*Please note that it is possible to register for one or both of the above sessions however, you must apply to participate in the Training of Trainers session.