GHG Protocol-based sector guidance, product rules, calculation tools and programs

Approaches and branding guidelines to develop GHG Protocol-based sector guidance, product rules, calculation tools and programs

The GHG Protocol creates standards and tools that are applicable to any organization, company, and sector. Additional guidance or calculation tools that build upon the more general standards are developed by the GHG Protocol in response to user needs. However, other groups and organizations are also developing their own guidance and tools to support GHG Protocol Standards.

Until now, the GHG Protocol has not had a formalized way to recognize sector guidance, product rules, or tools developed by others that claim conformance with GHG Protocol Standards. Without a review or confirmation from the GHG Protocol, users and other stakeholders do not have the confidence that these documents and tools are in fact in conformance with a given standard unless they perform a review themselves or take the word of a third-party.

This document below outlines 3 approaches for sector guidance, product rule, and tools to be recognized by the GHG Protocol:

  • Use of the “Built on GHG Protocol” mark
  • Review by the GHG Protocol
  • Joint development

The applications below are available to apply for use of the mark or review by GHG Protocol. Please contact Joe Winslow at with any further questions.

GHG Protocol Policy on Sector Guidance, Tools and Programs
Application for Built on Mark