GHG Protocol Website to be Redesigned

Update your bookmarks - the GHG Protocol Initiative’s website will be undergoing a massive facelift this summer. Content reorganization and aesthetic changes are just some of the improvements that the new site will feature.

“Due to the changing nature of the GHG Protocol Initiative’s work from purely the development of guidance documents and calculation tools to more implementation and outreach-focused activities, the current website needs major changes in terms of content reorganization and design,” according to Angel Hsu, a research assistant on the GHG Protocol Initiative Team at WRI.

Additionally, the new website will incorporate better communication features that will enhance communication between the GHG Protocol’s many international partners and different audiences. RSS feeds that will link relevant content will provide up to date information to viewers, as well as providing subscribers e-mail updates regarding new content added to the site, such as new publications, updated calculation tools, and news.

The new website will also take advantage of the features of a new content management system (CMS) being implemented for the WRI main website. The new CMS, an open-source system called Drupal, will allow for online networking and knowledge sharing in a similar fashion to

This function will allow GHG Protocol partners to connect regarding events, collaborate on new publications, and share information.

The redesign is expected to be completed by the end of August.