New Documents - Publication Developments


The project typology will provide project developers with project-specific information on a range of accounting issues (e.g., possible baseline candidates, secondary effects, important data sources, monitoring techniques).

The first five chapters of this tool have been reviewed by the GHG Protocol team.

Angela Zahniser, who is on rotation at WRI through the Presidential Management Fellow Program, will help work on the sixth chapter, which pertains to carbon sequestration projects.

Next steps on this project include an extensive external review and additional collection of data from project developers, companies, etc.

Grid-connected Electricity

A two-day workgroup meeting was held on Aug. 29 and 30 to discuss all outstanding issues concerning how to estimate GHG reductions from grid-based power generation.

Fortuitously, the working group was able to resolve nearly all issues and a final draft of the guidelines is now being completed based on these outcomes. The draft should be completed by mid-November and distributed for external review, with final publication expected early in 2007.