Outreach Activities

U.S. Public Sector

The U.S. Public Sector Protocol will be published within the next month (this publication serves as the framework for conducting GHG inventories in compliance with EO 13514)

Performance Tracking Guidelines

The GHG Protocol Team started the development process of the Performance Tracking Guidelines this summer, and is engaging with relevant stakeholders. These Guidelines seek to provide GHG accounting and reporting guidance for performance-relevant issues, including how to treat renewable energy purchases within an inventory. The team will be issuing a first draft of the Guidelines in September.

For more information please contact Stephen Russell or Mary Sotos

GHG Protocol Licensing Policy

GHG Protocol is implementing a royalty-free Licensing Policy and intends to integrate this agreement into all online calculation tools and standards. The Policy intends to establish a common understanding among users of what their rights and obligations are concerning intellectual property and end-usage. The draft Policy will be accessible on the website in October for a 30 day open comment period. Look out for the announcement on the GHG Protocol homepage.

For more information please contact Laura Pocknell