Outreach Activities - Program Work

Multi-state Registry

WRI is providing technical support to the Multi-State Registry (MSR) Technical Working Group.

It is comprised of representatives from the California Climate Action Registry, the Eastern Climate Registry Working Group, the Midwest Registry Working Group, and Western states working through the Western Regional Air Partnership.

On Oct. 12-13, the MSR Technical Working Group convened at WRI’s offices in Washington, D.C. to discuss various issues regarding the framework proposal, which include voluntary reporting, mandatory reporting, and verification proposals. Prior to the Oct. 12-13 meeting, WRI provided facilitation and support for the MSR Steering Committee Kick-off Meeting on Sept. 6 in San Francisco.

Philippines GHG Program

The Philippine GHG Accounting and Reporting Program (PhilGARP) will be launched officially in Manila on Dec.1, following a two-day “training of trainers” workshop held by WRI staff to cover technical GHG accounting issues and program design considerations.

After senior WRI staff met with the Philippine Secretary of Energy and secured his support for PhilGARP, WRI negotiated a MOU with local partners Klima, the Manila Observatory, Philippine Business for Environment and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to initiate the program.

India GHG Outreach

A concept proposal was submitted to the U.K. Global Opportunities Fund (UK-GOF) for the purposes of establishing a national GHG accounting program.

China GHG Outreach

In collaboration with Respect, a European consultancy, WRI helped organize an information workshop in Beijing to discuss establishing a GHG program in China. The workshop was hosted by the European Chambers of Commerce and was attended by more than 40 businesses and other organizations.

Following the workshop, WRI and Respect met with the Chinese Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) to discuss a possible partnership. To further this end, Lei Wang, the president of Respect China, will deliver a presentation at WRI’s offices at 12 pm on Nov. 14.