Public Comment for Guidance for Product Category Rule Development

The Guidance for Product Category Rule Development has been released for public comment. This document was developed in response to a widely recognized need for guidance on product category rule development. It will supplement existing standards for LCA-based claims that require the development of product category rules (PCRs), product rules or their equivalents. The aim is for PCRs to be developed in a consistent manner and used to support claims based on multiple standards. This document embodies the efforts of individuals with expertise in LCA and LCA-based product claims from over 40 organizations in more than 14 countries and regions under the name of The Product Category Rule Guidance Development Initiative. More information can be found on our website,

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is hosting the draft, and comments are to be made through the CSA website. Click here to review the draft and provide comments:

Registration is required for viewing and commenting on the document. Only comments received through the CSA online system will be accepted. Comments are due by Friday, March 1, 2013, 11:59 PM GMT

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