Upcoming Opportunities to Provide Input on Mitigation Accounting Standards

WRI is continuing to develop two new standards for mitigation accounting through a global, multi-stakeholder process: the GHG Protocol Policies and Actions Standard and the GHG Protocol Mitigation Goals Standard. The new standards will help countries and sub-national jurisdictions measure GHG reductions achieved through policies and actions and track progress toward national and sub-national GHG reduction goals. The first drafts of both standards will be ready for review in mid-November. During the review period, we will be holding three stakeholder workshops to get feedback on the drafts: in Doha, Qatar at COP 18 on December 2; in Washington DC, USA the week of December 10; and in Beijing, China on December 19. WRI is also seeking organizations in multiple countries to pilot test the draft standards in 2013 for specific policies and/or GHG reduction goals at the national or sub-national levels. If you are interested in to reviewing the drafts, participating in a workshop, and/or pilot testing the guidelines, please fill out the brief form at http://www.ghgprotocol.org/mitigation-accounting.