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The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, developed by World Resources Institute (WRI) and World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD), sets the global standard for how to measure, manage, and report greenhouse gas emissions.

Hundreds of companies and organizations around the world are using GHG Protocol standards and tools to manage their emissions and become more efficient, resilient, and prosperous organizations.

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Pilot a New SWOT Tool for Sustainability

As corporate leaders track and set more ambitious targets for reducing GHG emissions—and take a broader look at Scope 3 emissions—many are looking for a way to find new opportunities to collaborate (internally and externally). Starting this month, WRI is inviting companies to road test a new collaboration tool developed as part of the Next Practice Collaborative.

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Launch of Beta Version of GHG Emissions Calculation Tool for Chinese Coal Fired Power Plants

At a May 29 launch event in Beijing, WRI introduced the GHG Emissions calculation tool for Chinese Coal-Fired Power Plants to an audience of about 100 participants. The tool is one example of GHG Protocol’s work to support climate change mitigation in China. It will enable Chinese power companies to establish a GHG emission inventory of its operations and prepare for GHG emissions management and reduction.

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Survey on Calculation Tools

The GHG Protocol aims to ensure wide and effective use of its standards and support companies in the completion of accurate, relevant, complete, consistent and transparent GHG inventories. But the landscape for GHG calculation and verification procedures has been evolving quickly, prompting the need for a public survey to help identify the calculation priorities of our users, along with their perspectives on GHG inventory verification and training in accounting.

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New GHG Protocol Video Discusses Business Value of Product Life Cycle and Corporate Value Chain Inventories

GHG Protocol recently released a new video: The Business Value of the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle and Corporate Value Chain Standards. In the film, executives from companies such as PepsiCo, BASF, and Tesco discuss the important role the standards play in revealing new opportunities for GHG reductions. GHG Protocol’s new standards also help businesses identify innovative solutions, collaborate with suppliers and customers, and focus a company’s efforts in the right places to efficiently reduce emissions and drive business value. The video is available here:

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WRI Launches GHG Protocol Mitigation Accounting Initiative

Many countries are planning and implementing a variety of climate change policies and GHG reduction goals at the national and sub-national levels. As they do so, they are facing new pressures to account for GHG reductions achieved through individual mitigation actions and policies and to track progress toward GHG reduction goals. However, no international guidelines currently exist for these types of GHG accounting.

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September 2012 Webinar Training: GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

The GHG Protocol will be hosting an online training course on the Corporate Standard, the most widely used standard for companies and organizations to measure and manage their GHG emissions. All GHG Protocol Corporate Standard Webinar Course attendees will receive a certificate of course completion after actively participating in all course sessions. The learning objectives for the course are available here.

Blogs, July 2012

Over the past few months, the GHG Protocol team has been actively writing blogs about exciting new developments in the different project areas. All of the blogs are available at WRI Insights as well as on the GHG Protocol website. This is a great opportunity to get more frequent updates about exciting work that is underway as well as find out new ways to engage in the projects.

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Upcoming Webinar Trainings on the Corporate Standard

The GHG Protocol will be hosting 2 separate webinar trainings on the Corporate Standard. The first complete training will be held on July 24, 25, and 26 from 9 am – 12 pm EST, and the registration fee will be US $300. More information on the training and payment can be found here.

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