GHG Protocol In The News

What Companies Need to Know About Reporting Scope 2 Emissions
Environmental Leader, March 2016

Uniting the aerospace industry en route to a sustainable future
GreenBiz, March 2016

It Just Got Easier for Companies Like Facebook and Google to Measure Their Investments in Renewable Energy
EcoWatch, January 2015

Setting Standards for Ambitious Carbon Targets – A Dialogue with GHG Protocol's Pankaj Bhatia
Sustainable Brands, February 2014

Cities Almost Double Climate Actions Over 2 Years, C40 Says
Bloomberg, February2014

Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change
New York Times, January 2014

How to fix global warming before it's too late
Quartz, November 2013

'Unburnable' carbon fuels investment concerns
The Guardian, November 2013

What's the carbon footprint of a bank loan? Sustainable finance groups follow the money
E&E News, November 2013

The projected timing of climate departure from recent variability
Nature, October 2013

Supreme Court agrees to hear greenhouse gas cases
USA Today, October 2013

'Carbon budget' talks urgent, warns Lord Stern
The Guardian, October 2013

New accounting tool may help China phase in carbon trading
E & E Publishing, September 2013

Most U.S. Companies Ignoring SEC Rule to Disclose Climate Risks
Inside Climate News, September 2013

Silver Lining in China’s Smog as It Puts Focus on Emissions
New York Times, August 2013

Climate Positive Approach Way Forward for World’s Largest Companies
GreenGoPost, August 2013

Green investors push firms on GHG emissions, supply chain
GreenBiz, August 2013

Indian Business Backs Emissions Reduction Scheme
Reuters, July 2013

Ford joins greenhouse gas reporting programme
The Times of India, July 2013

Decarbonising the economy: the pivotal role of the financial sector
The Guardian, July 2013

GHG Protocol adds NF3 to reporting guidelines: What is it and why does it matter?
GreenBiz, May 2013

3 ways business can benefit from Scope 3 emissions reductions
GreenBiz, May 2013

Carbon Trust helps GHG Protocol create pragmatic guidance for measurement of Scope 3 emissions
Carbon Trust, April 2013

Toward a reporting standard for financial services emissions
GreenBiz, February 2013

The True Cost of the S&P 500
GreenBiz, February 2013

Greenhouse Gas Auditing of Supply Chains Subscription 2013: Concise Directives Provide an Aid to Ensuring That an Entity Can Accurately Report Its Emissions
Zacks, February 2013

Carbon Trust and CRedit360 Launch the Value Chain Manager to 'Revolutionise' Carbon Reduction in the Value Chain
CSRwire, November 2012

How to Measure Sustainability Program Performance
Inbound Logistics, November 2012

New Emissions Reporting Guidelines for Banks on Investment Footprints
BSR, November 2012

Menlo Worldwide Logistics Introduces CarbonNet(TM)
Bloomberg, October 2012

GHG Protocol to develop carbon guidelines for the finance sector
Urban Earth, October 2012

New Report Shows Banking Sector As Major Source Of Climate Disruption
ENews Park Forest, October 2012

Leveraging Supply Chains for Impactful GHG Reductions
Sustainable Brands, October 2012

3 Lessons For Better Supply Chain Management
Forbes, October 2012

PepsiCo launches new Facebook-inspired carbon calculator
GreenBiz, October 2012

Can hotels be truly carbon neutral?
BBC Travel, October 2012

Carbon Data Capture Software calculates GHG levels, compliance
ThomasNet News, October 2012

Engineers mine big data to faster assess carbon footprints
R&D Magazine, October 2012

Sustainability Reporting 101 - Part 7: Top Ten Sustainability Acronyms and Why They Matter
3BL Media, September 2012

Mango commits to going green
News24, September 2012

Climate 2.0: What Is Expected Of Business Now?
Think Progress, August 2012

Moving public sector supply chain accountability beyond 'green' aspirations
Local Government Chronicle, August 2012

Emissions additions
Utility Week, August 2012

Honda Motor : Honda Becomes World’s First Mobility Company to Disclose Estimates of All Greenhouse Gas Emissions
4-Traders, August 2012

Spanish Renewables Company Sets Agressive GHG Standards for Suppliers
TriplePundit, August 2012

Call to improve anti-corruption, carbon emissions reporting
GreenBiz, August 2012

GRI Seeks Public Comment on GHG Reporting Guidelines
Environmental Leader, August 2012

Climate 2.0: What Is Expected of Business Now?
BSR, August 2012

Supply chain sustainability: Lessons from the past, ideas for the future
Greenbiz, July 2012

Communicating a Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy
greenliving, July 2012

Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt Among 23 Hotels Launching Carbon Measurement Standard
Environmental Leader, June 2012

Mayors of the World's Largest Cities Demonstrate Progress in Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Launch Two New Initiatives
MarketWatch, June 2012

2 groups inaugurate greenhouse gas reporting project for Brazil
EENews, June 2012

UN Environment Programme, UN Habitat, World Bank Recognize New Global Protocol for Urban GHG Emissions, Encourage its Use
World Bank Blog, May 2012

Protocol for community-scale GHG emissions launched
Environmental Finance, May 2012

Corporate Sustainability: Green from the Top
Earth911, March 2012

New Greenhouse Gas Standards Unveiled for Corporate Value Chain and Products in India
MoneyLife, March 2012

Setting standards on Carbon
Supply Management, March 2012

Together Much is Possible - A New GHG Emissions Protocol for Cities
World Bank Sustainable Cities Blog, March 2012

BT Products First to Achieve Independent Verification by Carbon Trust Under New International Standard
BT Press Release, March 2012

GHG Protocol draft standard for ICT product lifecycle accounting open for comment
The Green IT Review, March 2012

Foxconn Scandal Offers Supply Chain Lessons
Forbes, February 2012

SC Johnson Details Scope 3 Emissions, Hits Renewables Goal
Environmental Leader, December 2011

Top Corporate Sustainability Trends To Watch In 2012
Fast Company, December 2011

Greenhouse gas accounting system of the World Resources Institute, November, 2011

New global greenhouse gas measuring standards unveiled in China
China Daily, November 2011

The latest GHG Protocol standards will improve companies' credibility
The Guardian, November 2011

Corporations Getting New Tools for Calculating Emissions
New York Times, October 2011

A New Standard for Carbon Footprints
New York Green Blog, October 2011

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Unveils Standards for Corporate Value Chain and Products
Huffington Post, October 2011

Companies Get New Tools to Voluntarily Calculate Greenhouse Gas Footprint
Forbes, October 2011

CO2 Standard May Spur US Green Competition, Carbon Trust Says
Bloomberg, October 2011

How companies can track greenhouse gases from their suppliers and customers
Climate Wire, October 2011

Dow Jones trade news emission (German)
Dow Jones Business Newsletters, October 2011

Long-awaited supply chain emissions reporting guidelines are published
Smart Planet, October 2011

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Launches New Standards for Corporate Value Chain and Products
MarketWatch, October 2011

UK services firms set to cash in on global emissions standards
Business Green, October 2011

GHG Protocol Launches Long-Awaited Value Chain, Product Standards, October 2011

Value-chain emissions reporting to become norm in five years
Environmental Finance, October 2011

Scope 3 GHG Reporting Standards Finalized
Environmental Leader, October 2011

First Certification Launched for WRI Product Lifecycle Standard
Environmental Leader, October 2011

Global carbon footprinting catalysed by launch of new international standard
Environmental Expert, October 2011

Companies Get New Tools To Calculate Carbon Footprint
Treehugger, October 2011

Household names line up to use new supply-chain GHG emissions standards
Link 2 Portal, October 2011

GHG Protocol: The Gold Standard For Accounting For Greenhouse Gas Emissions, October 2011

New tools introduced for calculating emissions
Physics Today, October 2011

New GHG Protocol standards launched
Waterbriefing, October 2011

New Greenhouse Gas Protocols Help Businesses Measure Impacts
Spatial Sustain, October 2011

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Publishes Final Standards on Indirect Emissions
Sustainable Life Media, October 2011

New Standards on Greenhouse Gases Released
Supermarket News, October 2011

New standards and tools to galvanise carbon tracing - Procurement Leaders News
Procurement Leaders, October 2011

New Greenhouse Gas Standards Unveiled for Corporate Value Chain and Products, October 2011

Confronting Climate Risk
Environmental Finance, September 2011

Scope 3: Pivoting to Material Efficiency
Environmental Leader, August 2011

C40 Conference Shows How Cities Can Lead on Climate Change
The Huffington Post, June 2011

Following the footprints
Economist, June 2011

What's in a carbon footprint? Depends.
Washington Post, April 2011

Why carbon reporting makes sense
The Guardian, April 2011

How green was my video conference?
The Guardian, April 2011

Reducing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions
Environmental Leader, March 2011

Setting a supply chain standard
Environmental Finance, March 2011

A Sneak Peek at the New Rules for Supply Chain Footprinting
Reuters, December 2010

Climate Control: Unlikely Allies in the Fight on Carbon
Bloomberg BusinessWeek, November 2010

Is carbon transparency the key to a binding agreement?
Climate Action, November 2010

Researcher: Private Sector Has Key Role in Carbon Accounting
Newswise, November 2010

BSR Preview: Managing Energy Use In Your Supply Chain, October 2010

New tool helps agencies measure greenhouse gas emissions
Federal Times, October 2010

New Protocol Released to Support U.S. Government’s Greenhouse Gas Accounting
Yahoo! Finance, October 2010

New Protocol Released to Support U.S. Government's Greenhouse Gas Accounting
SmartPros, October 2010

China making inroads on emissions
Washington Post, September 2010

Global Firms Applaud New Greenhouse Gas Yardsticks
BusinessGreen, August 2010

62 Companies Road Test GHG Standards, Give Positive Feedback
Environmental Protection Online, August 2010

Companies Road Test New GHG Accounting Standards
Sustainable Business, August 2010

Companies Finish Testing Scope 3 and Product LCA Standards, August 2010

New Global GHG Protocol Prepares for Launch
Sustainable Life Media, August 2010

Testing Completed for New GHG Protocol Standards
Environmental Leader, August 2010

UPS Goes Green with New Carbon Neutral Shipping Choice
Examiner, July 2010

P&G Takes Positive Approach in Launch of its New Sustainability Scorecard
Packaging Digest, June 2010

Improving the Sustainability of GE Products
GE Global Research, May, 2010

LCA Summit: Standards for Measuring a Product’s Life Cycle Emissions, May, 2010

Protocols Address Carbon Reporting Needs
Sustainable Industries, February, 2010

Ford, Airbus, Levi Strauss Among ‘Road Testers’ For New Emissions Reporting
Sustainable Business, February, 2010

Ford, Coke Among 60 Firms Testing Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards
Environmental Leader, January, 2010

Does Your iPod Have a Carbon Footprint?
Huffington Post, December, 2009

Efforts to be More Environmentally Friendly can also Help Your Bottom Line at a Time when you Need it Most
Book Business, December, 2009

Large Brazilian Companies Begin Reporting Emissions, October, 2009

Corporate America Takes a Big Step in Managing Carbon footprint
CNBC, October, 2009

Obama Orders all Federal Agencies to Cut Greenhouse Gases
Environmental News Service, October, 2009

Government Releases GHG Reporting Guidance for Businesses
Greenwire Business UK, October, 2009

SUBWAY Taking a Fresh Approach to “Greening” its Supply Chain
Stores, September, 2009

Carbon Footprint, Corporate Strategy (Virgin Group)
Environmental Expert, July 2009

Johnson Controls Announces Web-based Greenhouse Gas Reporting System
Fox Business, July 2009

Carbon accounting - Emissions Disclosure Stacking Up
WBCSD, July 2009

Can Computer Software Account for Climate Change?
CNN, July 2009

Enviance Expands U.S Army & Deployment of Real-Time Greenhouse Gas Management System to Twelve
Forbes, July 2009

The Big Four of Accounting Will Be Among the Big Winners if U.S. Adopts Climate Law
New York Times, July 2009

UPS, FedEx Expand Reports of Carbon Emission Sources
Transport Topics Online, July 2009

BACARDI BREEZER Celebrates Summer with a Cleaner Environment
CNW Group, July 2009

2010 Olympic Organizers Sign Carbon Neutral Deal
Canoe Canada, June 2009

EPA to Mandate Emissions Reporting
GreenSource Magazine, May 2009

U.S. Corporations Size Up Their Carbon Footprints
Business Week, June 2009

Can Videoconferencing Save the Earth?
Business Week, May 2009

LA Clippers and BeGreen Carbon Offsets Team Up On "Green Night Game"
eMedia Wire, April 2009

24 Becomes First-Ever Carbon Neutral Television Production
News Corp, March, 2009

Tech titan SAP aims to slash greenhouse gas emissions
New York Times, March, 2009

Green Goal of 'Carbon Neutrality' Hits Limit
Wall Street Journal, December, 2008

Rich enough to offset: do voluntary carbon markets promote luxury emissions?, November, 2008

A Big Sum of Small Differences
Wall Street Journal, October, 2008

Carbon reporting standards: a beginners' guide, August, 2008

Making the carbon offset market work
WRI, February, 2008

Carbon Offsets: Government Warns of Fraud Risk
NPR, January, 2008

Bali Ends; Mexico emerges as leader on climate change, December, 2007

Telco joins program vs. global warming
Sun-Star Cebu, November, 2007

GHG Management Institute Launched
CNW Telbec, October 2007

The Skinny on Carbon Credits, Offsets and Markets
Industry Week, September, 2007

New Guidelines Issued for GHG Reduction Projects
North American Wind Power, September, 2007

How to Gain a Climate Consensus
Washington Post, September, 2007

Cartridge World Estimates Its U.S. Customers Help Reduce Carbon Emissions by 1 Million Pounds in 2007, August, 2007

Mexico taking lead in global warming fight
Chicago Tribune, June, 2007

Seeing isn't believing
South by Southwest, March, 2007

Show 'hidden emissions', UK urged
BBC News, February, 2007