Issue 32

Newsletter 32
September 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the GHG Protocol,

Welcome to the September 2011 edition of the GHG Protocol newsletter. This quarter’s edition announces the adoption of the new GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard by The Sustainability Consortium. This decision marks an important step in creating global consistency for product level sustainability measurement standards.

Working through USAID’s Partnership for Climate Action (PCA) project in China, we took an important step in assisting Chinese cities to measure & manage their GHG impacts by establishing a Memorandum of Understanding between WRI, Institute for Sustainable Communities, and the Municipality Government of Xiaolan. The goal of this partnership is to pilot a City accounting framework based on the GHG Protocol and to support the launch of the Xiaolan Low Carbon Initiative. Xiaolan is a medium-sized town located in Guangdong Province, southern China, and is one of China’s major industrial regions.

In July, again through PCA, GHG Protocol held a training and pilot-testing workshop in the Guangdong Province of China on its new “Energy-GHG Conversion Tool”. Fifteen participants from five companies representing the power, semiconductor, glass manufacturing, paper, and textile industries attended. Participating companies are expected to use the tool to calculate their yearly GHG emissions from energy use and submit the pilot-test results to the Guangdong Energy Conservation Center (GDECC).

Finally, the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) have announced they are collaborating on an initiative to unite hotel industry efforts to calculate and communicate carbon impact by agreeing on a standardised methodology and metrics informed by the GHG Protocol standards. For the first time, leaders within the hotel industry are collaborating to reach a consensus on a single methodology for calculating carbon footprints and consistent metrics for communicating emissions.

As usual we welcome your feedback on all areas of our work.

Best regards,

The WRI and WBCSD GHG Protocol Team

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