Programs and Registries

Implementation & Outreach

Since the development of the GHG Protocol’s accounting modules, the Corporate Standard and the Project Protocol, WRI and WBCSD have been working with partners around the world to adopt and implement the GHG Protocol as the foundation for GHG programs and registries.

The GHG Protocol offers an internationally accepted management tool to help businesses compete in the global marketplace and governments to make informed decisions about climate change. By forming partnerships with business, government, and environmental constituents in both developed and rapidly industrializing economies, the GHG Protocol Initiative is building the capacity to participate in a meaningful way in tackling the global climate challenge while meeting local sustainable development needs.

To date, the GHG Protocol has established a successful partnerships to facilitate the design and implementation of GHG programs in:

Goals and Approaches

The GHG Protocol’s outreach strategy and programs are motivated by the following long-term goals:

  • Promoting Harmonization of GHG Markets: GHG markets will be greatly enhanced if all participants, including those in developing countries, follow agreed-upon standards for accounting and reporting GHG emissions and removals.

  • Building Capacity for Further Collaboration: Establishing lasting partnerships with leaders in both developed and industrializing countries strengthens institutions and organizations for addressing climate change within these countries. It can also foster innovative and synergistic national programs and international collaboration on climate change initiatives that take into consideration sustainable development issues and needs.

Benefits of a Common Standard

Additionally, promoting the adoption of the GHG Protocol Accounting Framework as a common standard can:

  • Simplify measurement & reporting
  • Harmonize across international borders & different initiatives
  • Improve comparability & credibility
  • Minimize the cost of developing a GHG inventory
  • Establish a common foundation for GHG markets

Resources for GHG Program Designers

In December 2007, the GHG Protocol released ‘Measuring to Manage: A Guide to Designing GHG Accounting and Reporting Programs.’ This publication aims to help interested groups—such as governments, industry associations, and environmental organizations—address these questions to design and implement effective GHG programs based on internationally accepted standards and methodologies for GHG accounting and reporting.