The Mexico GHG Program is a voluntary GHG accounting and reporting program created in partnership with the Mexican environment agency (SEMARNAT) and WBCSD (in conjunction with its local counterpart CESPEDES). The approximately 69 participating companies include Mexico’s entire cement, petroleum, and beer brewing sectors, as well as a significant portion of its steel sector. Participants make a voluntary commitment to conduct and publicly report a corporate GHG inventory, and the program is now expanding to include the accounting for GHG reduction projects.

Participation in the Mexico GHG Program is open to any private- or public-sector organization with operations in Mexico and is free of cost. Participants receive training, calculation tools and technical assistance for preparing corporate GHG inventories, identifying GHG reduction opportunities and participating in GHG markets.

On October 2, 2006, the program officially transitioned from a pilot project to a permanent program. A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in Monterrey, Mexico.

The program has an independent website,, where you can find more information on the program, a list of participating businesses, posted GHG reports from participating companies, and information on upcoming events.

Program Partners

The GHG Mexico Program is hosted and coordinated by SEMARNAT with technical support from WRI and WBCSD. In addition, it is advised by a committee of experts from the following organizations:

  • CESPEDES - Commission of Private Sector Studies for Sustainable Development
  • CEDES - Public Policy Center for Sustainable Development
  • CONCAMIN - Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States
  • INE - Institute of Ecology
  • RETC - Pollutant Transport and Emission Registry

Updates and Documentation

See the links below for additional information on the Mexico GHG Program.

Mexico GHG Program brochure (2 pages, 370 Kb)