ICT Sector Guidance Released for Second Open Comment Period

A second draft of the GHG Protocol ICT Sector Guidance for the Product Standard is now available for public comment. This sector guidance is a supplement to the GHG Protocol Product Standard and is being developed in partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and the Carbon Trust. All the chapters have been revised based on the feedback received during the first comment period in early 2012. Once the second public comment period is complete, additional revisions will be made and the final guidance will be released in mid-2013.

Interested stakeholders are invited to visit the GHG Protocol website in order to download the draft chapters and provide comments. There is an Introduction Chapter and a series of subject specific chapters. Each chapter is available to download as a separate document. Please note that if you have expertise related to a specific chapter, then we encourage you to focus your comments on the chapters most relevant to you (e.g. if you provide cloud services you may choose to review the Cloud Computing and Data Center Services chapter only). The Introduction Chapter also provides an overview of all the chapters. It should be noted that the Transport Avoidance chapter is not being released for public comment currently. This chapter is still under review and will be circulated for public comment separately at a later date.

When making comments please use the feedback form, which can also be downloaded from the website. The feedback form provides instructions for making comments. Please return the form to Benedict Buckley at bbuckley@wri.org. The deadline for submitting comments is March 4, 2013.