Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment (SALCA)


Name of source Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment
Provider Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon
Summary text The SALCA database (Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment database) contains over 700 modules relating to agriculture with agricultural and non-agricultural inputs, outputs and processes. The data stored are based on in house calculations, the ecoinvent database and on data imported from other LCA study inventories.
Contact Thomas Nemecek
Licensing By arrangement
Language(s) German, English

Access – data formats and accessibility

File type Database integrated for TEAM LCA software – although access to the SALCA database may be granted within the framework of project cooperation with Agroscope ART
Software needs TEAM LCA

Contents – breadth and depth of datasets

Age 2004
Geography Switzerland
Original Data Source(s) Academic research
Other Databases Included
Life cycle stages Cradle-to-Gate
Modeling approach
Emissions results GWP
Number of datasets +700
Main topics Agricultural production means
Other topics

Data transparency – what metadata is provided for each dataset?

System boundaries Unknown
Data Types Process
Allocation Methods Unknown
Technology Unknown
Data year Unknown
Original source Unknown
Uncertainty Unknown

Quality – is information provided on data quality?

Data quality score Unknown
Quality assurance Unknown
Standards compliant Unknown