Tools Built on GHG Protocol

The following tools were developed in close collaboration with the GHG Protocol, and have been reviewed to ensure that they are in conformance with the GHG Protocol standards.

The GHG Protocol creates standards and tools that are applicable to any organization, company, and sector. Additional calculation tools that build upon the more general standards are developed by the GHG Protocol in response to user needs. However, other groups and organizations are also developing their own tools to support GHG Protocol Standards.

Tools Bearing the "Built on GHG Protocol" Mark

The following tools have been reviewed by the GHG Protocol for conformance with GHG Protocol Standards.

Tool Creator Description Date Published
GreenIntelli QVS Consulting GreenIntelli software integrates carbon management and greenhouse gas reporting. GreenIntelli 2.0 enables you to calculate your carbon footprint, manage energy spend and to report on Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions. July 2015 (Version 2.0)
Carbon Reporting Tool for Chinese SME Companies
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Carbon Trust This tool is designed for Chinese SME’s to collect data that will allow them to calculate, manage and report the carbon footprints of their businesses. July 2015 (Version 2.0)
The Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool Blonk Consultants This direct land use change assessment tool is an Excel tool that was developed alongside the PAS 2050-1 to provide a predefined way of calculating greenhouse gas emissions from land use change. January 2014
Corporate Greenhouse Gas Calculator V4 Consultants V4 Advisors' corporate greenhouse gas platform is tailored for USA and MENA region government entities to audit, quantify, report, monitor and understand their GHG emissions using local emission factors. April 2013