Mitigation Goal Standard

The Mitigation Goal Standard provides a standardized approach for assessing progress toward national and subnational greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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The standard can help governments set emission-reduction targets, meet domestic and international emissions reporting obligations to groups like the UNFCCC, and ensure that efforts to reduce emissions are achieving their intended results.

The standard was developed along with the Policy and Action Standard, an accounting and reporting standard for estimating the greenhouse gas effect of policies and actions.

Over 270 participants from 40 countries were involved in developing the two new standards. As part of the process, pilot tests were conducted on goals at the national or subnational level in Chile, India, Israel, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Standard and Executive Summary

Title Date Size

Mitigation Goal Standard (English)

November 2014 6.19 MB

Executive Summary (English)

November 2014 400 KB

Mitigation Goal Standard (Français)

November 2014 6.34 MB

Executive Summary (Français)

November 2014 400 KB

Mitigation Goal Standard (Español)

November 2014 6.23 MB

Executive Summary (Español)

November 2014 400 KB

Additional Resources

Title Date Size

Overview Presentation of the Standard

July 2015 2.38 MB

Infographic Fact Sheet

November 2014 285 KB

Sample Reporting Template (English)

June 2015 80 KB

Sample Reporting Template (Español)

September 2016 75 KB

Pilot Testing Summary

June 2014 462 KB

List of Pilot Tests

December 2013 131 KB

Illustrated video 1: Overview of steps to applying the standard

June 2016

Illustrated video 2: Designing a mitigation goal and preparing for goal design

June 2016

Illustrated video 3: Estimating baseline scenario emissions

June 2016

Illustrated video 4: Land sector accounting

June 2016

Illustrated video 5: Assessing progress during a goal period

June 2016

Illustrated video 6: Assessing goal achievement

June 2016

Illustrated video 7: Goal achievement

June 2016

Illustrated video 8: Verification

June 2016

Illustrated video 9: Application of the standard

June 2016

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