Launched November 30, 2006, the Philippine Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting Program (PhilGARP) has its overarching goal to assist businesses in the Philippines to prepare GHG inventories, identify GHG reduction opportunities, and participate in programs and projects to reduce GHG emissions.

The program seeks to provide a portfolio of services to its participating businesses and other stakeholders, including the information, analysis, and tools with which to:

  • Make a comprehensive assessment of corporate GHG risks and opportunities;
  • Identify co-benefits between GHG mitigation, energy conservation, environment and health;
  • Identify and initiate GHG mitigation projects;
  • Create a reliable accounting and reporting system that provides the foundation for future national climate change policies and strategies;
  • Improve the quality of the Philippines’ national GHG inventories included in the National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; and
  • Contribute to the Philippines’ sustainable development.

Program Partners

The klima Climate Change Center of the Manila Observatory serves as the secretariat of PhilGARP. In addition to WRI and WBCSD, the following organizations are program partners:

  • PBE - Philippine Business for the Environment
  • DENR - Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines
  • DOE - Department of Energy, Philippines


PhilGARP is supported by:

  • USAID - United States Agency for International Development

Updates and Documentation

See the links below for additional information on the Philippine GHG Program.

PhilGARP brochure

05 Sep
07 Sep
Corporate Standard Training Webinar
The Corporate Standard Training Webinar is a perfect entry-point for corporate greenhouse gas emissions accounting.