Name of source 3EID (Embodied Energy and Emission Intensity Data for Japan Using Input-Output Tables)
Provider Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Summary text Input-output (JPY) tables with environmental burden measured as energy or emissions. Includes methodology.
Contact www-cger@nies.go.jp | Fax: +81 29-858-2645
Licensing Free
Language(s) Japanese, English
Website www.cger.nies.go.jp/publications/report/d031/eng/page/what_is_3eid.htm

Access – data formats and accessibility

File type HTML (web) access to .xls or .zip files
Software needs Microsoft Office

Contents – breadth and depth of datasets

Age 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005
Geography Japan
Original Data Source(s) Academic research
Other Databases Included None
Life cycle stages None
Modeling approach Input output
Emissions results CO2 for 1990, 1995 and 2000; Total CO2e for 2005
Number of datasets ca. 400
Main topics Energy carriers and technologies; Materials production; Systems; End-of-life treatment; Transport services; Other Services; Wastes
Other topics

Data transparency – what meta data is provided for each dataset?

System boundaries Yes
Data Types Input-output
Allocation Methods Yes
Technology No
Data year Yes
Original source Yes
Uncertainty No

Quality – is information provided on data quality?

Data quality score No
Quality assurance No
Standards compliant No