Online Training

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol offers multiple online learning solutions to get busy professionals up-to-speed on the world's most widely used GHG accounting standards.


If you need to learn the essentials of corporate greenhouse gas accounting, the Corporate Standard Training Webinar is a great place to start. This instructor-led online course covers all the essential requirements of the Corporate Standard, the most widely used standard for companies and organizations to measure and manage their GHG emissions.

If you are already up to speed on the Corporate Standard, you can continue developing your skills with the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) online course. Learn how to identify and categorize emissions from throughout the value chain, set scope 3 reduction targets, and report performance to stakeholders. There is no live instructor or set class times; this online course can be completed on your schedule. We also offer an online course for the Product Life Cycle Standard, which is an excellent tool for developing sustainable products.

All GHG Protocol students may receive a certificate of completion.

Course Name Prerequisite Live Instructor Flexible Schedule Price Price
(NGO & Gov't)
Corporate Standard Training Webinar None Yes No $500 $400 $100
Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard E-Learning Familiarity with the Corporate Standard; Corporate Standard Training Webinar completion recommended. No Yes Sale: $450 Sale: $350 Sale: $150
Product Life Cycle Standard E-Learning None No Yes Sale: $450 Sale: $350 Sale: $150

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  • Buy one course, get subsequent courses for 20% off. This is especially useful for students who wish to learn the Corporate Standard and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

  • Discounts are available for groups of five or more. Contact Lindsey Longendyke at